Latest productions


Lead Producer
Directed by Ellen Ugelstad
Short Film

Den Grønne Dalen (The Green Valley)

Winner of the Golden Chair at the Norwegian Short film festival in Grimstad 2018. 

Honorable mention at Nordic Panorama in Malmø 2018. 

Selected for Riga International Filmfestival. 

The green valley is a hybrid film where the director works in the tension between documentary and fiction. The film is based on three real events; A man who pour petrol over  himself and burn to death. A few weeks later: A large sculpture uncovered in Torshovdalen.  And the voluntary organization "Home work assistance´s" summer end at Haarkloues Square. The film will consist of both newly recorded written scenes, archive material and own footage / photo.

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Development- and co-producer of the Norwegian Episodes

Lead producer Gebrueder Beetz, Berlin

The Art Of Museums ( Doc series 8x52')
The Master's Vision (VR Series 3x5')

The Art of Museum blurs the lines between high culture and emotional analysis to open the art establishment to a broader audience. The series focuses on the masterpieces of the world’s eight most important museums. Every episode is dedicated to one museum, also regarded as a representative for the city’s and country’s identity. The four first episodes are screening on ARTE fall 2018 - the next 4 spring 2019. 

The Master's vision is a three part VR-series, about 3 masterpieces. The Norwegian episode is about Edvard Munch's famous "The Sun". Using both VR, AR and photogrammetry. 

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Producer Medalia Production
Directed by Mor Loushy

The Oslo Diaries

Selected for ao Sundance and HotDocs 2018. 

Screened at ao HBO, Arté and NRK. 

In 1992, all communications between Israel and Palestine are forbidden by law. Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin and PLO leader Yasser Arafat see each other as terrorists and the violence on both sides is escalating. In a last attempt for peace, a group of negotiators are sent to Oslo for a secret meeting. Against all odds, they must succeed where their leadership has failed.


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Lead Producer
Directed by Hallgeir Skretting

De Utstøtte (Outcast)

Although antibiotics easily kills the leprous disease, it is still alive in many countries. On Madagascar the regime declared in 2009 that there were no more victims of leprous on the Island - though according to WHO there are 1500 new causes every year. 
It seems more simple to hide and forget the disease with its many victims, than to use the cure - which even is financed by WHO. Why is that?

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Producer Gadea Productions (Spain)
Directed by Patricia Franquesa

Oh Dear Sara

The film portrays how the public sphere collides with the private life of Sara Bahai, first female taxi driver and women rights activist in Afghanistan. The tension that arises when Sara eagers to be part of that public world where women don’t belong and the private life - Bibi, her sick mother who is asking her to marry before she dies - that tries to withdraw Sara from her dream.

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Producer Larm Film 

Directed by Ala'a Mohsen

New Beginning

 A man from Syria, Rabiaa, arrives in Norway with his four year old son. They have lost the rest of their family in a barrel attack in Aleppo. Now they have to start again. Alone in the Norwegian society Rabiaa will have to learn again everything from the beggining in order to recreate the family that is so important to him and his son.

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Lead Producer
Directed by Nanna Frank Moller

Feature Film


Kleivan is a character driven film that depicts Åslaug Vaa’s enthusiastic effort to transform three landmark fishing houses to historic cabins, while she keeps an entire community involved with her ideas.